The Runology counseling is very useful in order to analyze those situations in our lives that can bring some difficulty in the making of a decision, in the evaluation of the way to act, in the understanding of difficult events and relationships.

Runes are archetypes of our subconscious and, as such, they help to bring clearness in our mind and in our heart.

We will use some reading methods, specifically developed to analyze different situations.

Problems, obstacles, stalls, decisions, doubts, crises in relationships, relationship on the workplace, within our job and any situations requiring counseling and clarification.

At the moment of the reservation by e-mail, you should provide, if possible, the following information: name, birthplace, hour and date of birth.

It you have your natal chart, you can bring it to the counsleing: it will help to analyze together some related aspects about your planets.

The Individual Counseling with the Runes can be performed in the facility of "Associazione Culturale La Città della Luce" ( in Via Porcozzone, 17 - Ripe (AN) - Marche, or contacting by phone at this number:  +39 071.7959090 for phone counseling.

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